The Value of Value Exchange 3 Reasons Brands Need to Use Mobile Value Exchange Advertising

71% of US mobile app users report that value exchange ads capture their attention more than other types of advertising, according to research by eMarketer and Jun Group. The IAB defines value exchange as premium ads that offer consumers something of value, like an extra life in their mobile game, in exchange for their time and attention. Opt-in value exchange ads benefit advertisers and, most importantly, consumers. Here are three reasons brands need to prioritize running mobile value exchange ads.

1. Connect with consumers on their own terms 

The process of a consumer engaging with a value exchange ad starts with them opting-in to view the advertisement. A consumer is playing a mobile game, loses a life, and can then choose to engage with an ad to continue their game. 74% of mobile gamers prefer value exchange ads over any other type. A big part of this is the consumer having the power to choose if they engage– and they almost always do because they receive something in return. Consumers are more receptive to ads through this model of advertising because they are opting-in.

2. Reach targeted demographics

Common assumptions suggest that gamers are predominantly young males playing in their basement, yet research has shown this is far from the case. The majority of mobile gamers are actually female, at 63% of the mobile gaming population. Additionally, mobile gamers range in age, encompassing all generations, with over one-fifth of gamers age 50 and older. Whether it’s the young men in basements or the avid female gamers over 50, value exchange gets a brand in front of their target audience.

3. Foster a positive connection

76% of US mobile app users report that value exchange video advertisements make them like a brand more and 73% say they make them want to buy a product. Because the user experience for this type of advertising is well-received, value exchange fosters a more positive impression of a brand. When consumers have a good experience with a brand’s advertisements, they are going to have a much better feeling overall about a brand and its products.

Running value exchange ads on mobile devices is one of the best ways to ensure consumers have a positive experience engaging digitally with a brand. Value exchange makes sure consumers are happy with their ad experience and in turn, they have a favorable impression of a brand. Consumers and brands alike benefit from the value of value exchange.