Influencer Marketing

Convert followers to customers

Form authentic connections with influencer activations that transform content into a results-driven science.

Influencer marketing that delivers real results

Go beyond vanity metrics with full-service influencer marketing supercharged with data, measurement, and artificial intelligence.

Find creators who embody your brand

Identify creators with audiences that align with your brand values. Use intelligent technology to scout talent based on demographics, affinities, reach, engagement, and semantic queries.

Expand beyond organic reach

Guarantee impact with targeted amplification. Deliver content directly to your audience on social channels based on demographics, interests, behaviors, purchase history, and more.

Track results anywhere people shop

Get a full view of sales and incremental purchases both in-store and online. Use AI-powered sentiment analysis to discover how creative resonates with your audience.

Authentic content that delights & inspires

Create meaningful stories that resonate with your audience, across any channel or format.

Develop beautiful and authentic static posts, stories, and videos for any social channel, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.


Just need fresh content? Find the right people to create it and get full usage rights. 


Extend your message to podcasts creators across a variety of genres, eager to promote your brand to listeners.


Develop recipes and videos that blend your product into cooking content across the web and social channels.

Craft content that inspires trust

Join the leading brands telling authentic digital stories with Jun Group.