Move products off the shelves

Drive in-store and online sales with data-driven shopper marketing, measured and optimized for any retailer.

Build better relationships with customers

Deliver personalized advertising that strengthens brand loyalty and improves return on ad spend — wherever people shop.

Get a full picture of your customer

Find your audience with Schema, our targeting solution that uses zero-party data enriched with point-of-sale and visitation signals to pinpoint new, current, and lapsed shoppers.

Bridge the consideration-purchase gap

Grab attention and inspire purchases with robust ads delivered in the right moments. Stand out with store locators, quizzes, recipe builders, direct-to-cart technology, and more.

Measure online and offline sales everywhere

Refine your creative, offers, and audience in real-time with Vera AI. Track sales and incremental impact through our partnerships with receipt and UPC scanning data warehouses.

Shopper marketing that crosses off every item

Unify your commerce strategy by bringing all your tools together.

Make any ad shoppable with direct-to-cart technology. Simplify the path to purchase across major retailers, regional stores, e-commerce sites, and more.


Attribute sales at every U.S. retailer, including big box stores, grocery, home improvement, e-commerce, and more.


Craft tailored digital shopping experiences with our team of in-house designers and programmers. Turn your imagination into reality with interactive videos, customized games, recipe builders, store locators, micro sites, and a variety of other engaging tools.


Uncover item-level purchase trends and identify competitors gaining market share through loyalty card datasets. Utilize insights to develop media strategies that maximize impact and drive success.

Grow your retail presence

Join the leading CPG brands expanding their customer base with Jun Group.