Deliver more efficient health outcomes

Connect with patients and providers through privacy-safe audiences based on real-world data.

Built for the privacy-first future of healthcare

Power campaigns with de-identified, real-world data covering 93% of U.S. households, protected by our proprietary Patient ID.

Design high-quality health audiences

Use AI to translate real-world health insights into custom patient audiences based on diagnoses and medication. Identify high-value HCPs with physician-level data and list-matching.

Inspire patient & doctor discussions

Drive more meaningful interactions by bringing scrolling ISI, form fills, and physician locators into video, display, and audio formats. Surpass industry standard engagement rates by 5x.

Improve efficiency with Vera AI

Optimize for audience quality and engagement, powered by real-time, intelligent technology built to reduce cost per patient and provider reach.

Get best-in-class care for your campaign

Every media program comes with the fundamental health marketing features.

Maintain the highest standards of privacy with our Patient ID. This proprietary identifier ensures highly accurate, HIPPA and NAI compliant targeting built to withstand cookie deprecation.


Track audience quality, script lift, and more through our integrations with third-party measurement providers.


Consistently achieve 80%+ viewability marks and high attention scores, verified by IAS, Comscore, Adloox, and more.


Protect your reputation with direct inventory sourced from our SDK, consisting of the world’s largest mobile and tablet apps hand-selected and vetted by our supply team.

Deliver meaningful health outcomes

Join the leading healthcare brands inspiring patients and medical professionals with Jun Group.