Content Amplification

Drive qualified visitors to any web page

The world’s largest publishers use Jun Group to amplify editorial, video, and branded content.

Content discovery that puts the consumer first

Connect with consumers who opt-in to explore content through our direct SDK integrations with top mobile and tablet applications.

Qualify audiences with zero-party data

Craft custom audiences with Schema, our zero-party data solution that asks consumers about their interests and intelligently recommends content based on their answers.

Control campaigns with Managed+

Create and manage campaigns in real-time with our self-service platform, Managed+. We put the power in your hands to apply targeting, control budgets, and track results.

Amplify content with immense scale

Boost content performance to 100 million monthly unique users with cost-effective CPCs. No technical integration required — just enter your URLs to get started.

Powered by opt-in placements

Our content ads run in premium mobile apps and perform well above industry standards for brand safety and viewability.

Protect your reputation with direct inventory sourced from our SDK, consisting of the world’s largest mobile and tablet apps hand-selected and vetted by our supply team.


Web pages appear full-screen and provide your complete site experience, where consumers can scroll, engage, watch videos, and explore content.


Reach human audiences at scale in the U.S. and anywhere in the world with GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Amplify content at scale

Join the leading publishers growing their publication with Jun Group.