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Our team is dedicated to helping our customers succeed, empowered by a culture fueled by openness and honesty.

We make advertising better for everyone

Jun Group has built a world where consumers are in control of their advertising, and brands can reach them directly.

Jun Group is a technology company powering media campaigns for the best-known brands, agencies, and publishers. We’re an industry pioneer with nearly 20 years of experience building mobile-first advertising products that deliver real results.


Openness and honesty is at the core of everything we do — from how we interact behind-the-scenes to how our ads show up in the wild. We were founded on the principles of truth and transparency, which will always be our guiding philosophy.

Culture and values

Jun Group supports the boldest ideas with the resources needed to make them happen. We welcome non-traditional career paths and believe in building a team with the right people as opposed to the right combination of keywords.

Foster trust through transparency

Honesty goes beyond how we build our products or show up in the market. We proactively present ways to progress, no matter how great our performance, because trust is not just earned but nurtured through an unwavering commitment to our clients.

Uplift from the top down

Striving to build a community of fulfillment means we have each other's backs. We hold each other accountable, own our individual pieces of the greater puzzle, and come together to reach common goals.

Tenacious commitment powered by ambition

It takes more than a unique solution to outperform the competition. We're unyielding in our search for optimized efficiency. Our determined attitude and drive to operate at a higher level power our iterative approach to execution. 

Innovation ignited by curiosity

Curiosity paves the way for opportunity. Every line of code written and every data point dissected provides necessary insights to evolve our technology. If we’re not satisfied with an existing solution, we’ll build it better.

Tech at Jun Group

Fueled a culture of openness, honesty, and innovation, we’ve built a large scale ad platform that reaches 100MM users and processes hundreds of thousands of requests per minute.
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Full stack development

Our full stack developers process hundreds of thousands of requests per minute. From Ruby on Rails to Python, they have the flexibility to choose the right tool for the job.

Mobile development

The mobile team uses Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript to deliver a high performance SDK to hundreds of the top apps across Apple and Google’s app stores.

Machine learning

From building predictive models to analyzing data for similarities and trends, our machine learning team uses BigQuery, Dataflow, and Tensorflow to deliver the right ad at the right time.


Our automation team ensures our repetitive and high value tests are fully automated. They improve efficiency and repeatability, from web based Selenium tests to iOS.


The manual testers on our QA team work with product and dev to understand new features and write test cases to consistently deliver high quality products as quickly as possible.


The DevOps team manages pipelines and deployments for multiple applications across AWS and GCP, making our developers’ lives easier and ensuring fast, consistent, deployments.

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