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Case Studies

Massive Scale per Day


Our client needed to deliver a large campaign on their website in a short period of time. We used our SDK, which reaches tens of millions of opt-in consumers to drive 13MM+ page views per day to the client's website. Performance outperformed all benchmarks, with less than 1% IVT and high viewability.

Daily Page Views

<1% IVT

Outperformed All Benchmarks

Increasing Unique Streams


Our opt-in ad units drove six million unique visitors to podcasts on our client's website, substantially increasing streams for their slate of new, popular podcasts. The increase in streams resulted in our partner achieving the top unique streaming spot.

Unique Streams


Unique Podcast Streaming Spot

Outperforming Nielsen


We used our zero-party data to targeted women between the ages of 25 and 49. We delivered a Nielsen-verified audience of 64% in-demo, 16% higher than Nielsen's benchmark.

Outperformed Benchmarks


Nielsen-verified in-demo audience

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