Jun Group Unveils New In-App Audio Ad Unit for Brand Advertisers

Jun Group introduces a new audio ad unit to its portfolio of in-app media formats, empowering brands to connect with their audience when they're leaned-in and attentive.

Jun Group is excited to introduce a new audio ad unit to our portfolio of in-app media products, helping advertisers form meaningful connections with consumers through high-quality ad formats. In 2022, digital audio ad revenues grew 20.9%, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), with ad revenue totaling $5.9 billion. The format’s growth rate was larger than that of digital video (19.3%), digital display ads (12%), or search (7.8%). 

Jun Group has always been a pioneer in non-interruptive advertising. This new format gives advertisers yet another opportunity to deliver exceptional user experiences via our direct SDK integrations with the world’s largest mobile and tablet apps, our exclusive source of premium inventory hand-selected by our supply team. 

With this new offering, brands can amplify any existing audio creative run on streaming services or podcasts to deliver audio messages to their audience when they’re immersed in the apps they use every day, rather than multi-tasking or listening passively.


Our new audio ad unit gives advertisers an exciting new way to reach their audience when they’re leaned-in and paying attention,” said Laura Schaffer, Senior Director of Product Management at Jun Group. “Audio is one of the fastest growing media formats today, so we’re thrilled to offer brands new ways to take advantage of this medium.”

Jun Group’s audio ads are compatible with our industry-leading targeting solutions, powered by our consumer database that covers 93% of U.S. households. These placements see 80%+ viewability across third-party verification partners, the lowest fraud rates in the industry, and run exclusively in brand-safe, family-friendly mobile and tablet applications. They’re also supported by third-party measurement providers to track brand metrics, sales performance, foot traffic, and site conversions.

In-app audio is now available as a new-to-market opportunity for brands and media agencies.

Contact us to learn more about in-app audio advertising. 

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