Jun Group Releases Audience Explorer, Empowering Advertisers With Advanced Audience Insights

Jun Group announced the launch of Audience Explorer, the latest addition to its audience measurement technology.

Jun Group, the intelligent ad technology company that inspires trust, announced the launch of Audience Explorer — an advanced measurement tool that gives advertisers a 360-degree view of the audiences they’ve reached through Jun Group campaigns. 

In the dynamic media landscape of 2024, it’s crucial for advertisers to not just reach, but understand the unique characteristics of their audience. Do pet owners prefer to shop at a certain retailer? Are car shoppers more likely to listen to podcasts? What travel apps do millennials gravitate towards? 

Audience Explorer answers such questions through a flexible solution that validates reach, identifies commonalities, and presents these insights in a user-friendly format while upholding the highest privacy standards.

With Audience Explorer, advertisers can: 
  • Get the complete picture of behaviors, interests, and shopping habits shared among the audience exposed to their campaign.
  • Incorporate key findings into custom audiences, and refine targeting strategies to form deeper connections with consumers.
  • Compare the common traits of those who clicked an ad versus those who didn’t to uncover actionable engagement trends.


Audience Explorer is powered by Jun Group’s direct Software Development Kit (SDK) integrations, enabling consent-based advertising to 100 million U.S. consumers across top mobile and tablet apps. Insights are based on the overlap between Jun Group’s opt-in datasets and curated segments from industry-leading providers.

This feature is currently available to Jun Group’s advertising partners. Contact us to learn more.

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