Jun Group Brings New Audience Growth Tools to Podcasters

Jun Group announces the launch of Managed+ For Podcasts, bringing first-of-its-kind audience growth capabilities to podcasters, audio networks, and brands.

Jun Group is thrilled to unveil Managed+ For Podcasts, the latest addition to our self-service content amplification tool, empowering podcast creators, audio networks, and publishers to promote their shows and reach new audiences across the world’s largest mobile apps. 

With this new offering, podcasters of all sizes can seamlessly propel the discovery and listenership of their content to an audience of 100 million monthly consumers in a brand-safe, transparent way. Our first-of-its-kind audio experience is meticulously designed to spark engagement and inspire people to tune in — an outcome of extensive research, development, and insight from podcasters and industry bodies.


“The introduction of Managed+ For Podcasts marks a significant milestone for podcasters seeking to overcome the challenges of audience growth, which most say is the hardest part,” said Erin Seong, Product Manager. “Our solution is built to bridge that gap.”

Deliver an exceptional user experience

Managed+ For Podcasts is powered by our direct Software Development Kit (SDK) integrations with family-friendly mobile apps and games. Our full-screen player is built directly into the experience, showcasing a podcast preview along with the show’s artwork.

This interactive unit enables listeners to seamlessly continue to Spotify and Apple Podcasts, pause, or exit at their convenience, delivering an exceptional and respectful user experience.


Build and manage campaigns in real-time

Our podcast amplification tool puts the power in the hands of the podcaster to apply targeting, control budgets, and track results. This includes the ability to craft and manage campaigns, geo and demographic targeting, dayparting, and more. These capabilities are complemented by guidance from our exceptional team, helping users produce effective campaigns and enable customizations, such as targeting based on interest or genre.

Additionally, our platform dynamically estimates results for key metrics such as reach, listens, and cost per listen, providing an unparalleled level of insight and control.

Contact us to learn more about promoting your podcast with Jun Group. 

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