Advertising’s Privacy Paradox: Maintaining Relevance Without Violating Trust

Laura Schaffer, Vice President of Product Management at Jun Group, discusses the cookieless landscape, from Google’s Privacy Sandbox to the future of privacy-first advertising.

The advertising landscape is undergoing profound changes. From cookies and signal loss to the emergence of new privacy laws and regulations, brands and agencies are navigating uncharted waters in data and activation. 

Recently, my colleagues and I embarked on a roadshow to equip Jun Group’s agency partners with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in this cookieless era. In these sessions, we explored the evolution of the media landscape towards a data privacy tipping point, walked through concise explanations of current cookieless solutions, and revealed future-proof targeting methodologies that build trust with consumers without forfeiting personalization. 

We’re excited to share the on-demand version of this content. In it, we examine the complete spectrum of cookieless technologies, from Google’s Privacy Sandbox to zero and first-party data, explore what’s next in 2024, and share exclusive insights from top agencies.

Watch below:

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