3 Indispensable Tips for a Successful Media Campaign

What makes a media campaign successful? Jessie Ruah, Director of Client Services at Jun Group, shares fundamental tips and insights, from transparent communication to creative best practices.


Video transcription:

Hi everyone! I’m Jessie Ruah, Director of Client Services, and I’ve been at Jun Group for just over five years. Today, I’m going to talk a bit about how to set up a successful campaign, and discuss four tips.

The first is transparent communication. It’s really crucial from the start that we’re aligned with our clients on their goals, KPIs, and benchmarks. Keeping a constant, open, transparent line of communication is key. It’s all about building a relationship, having them know we’re on top of it, and that we really want to make this a successful campaign. 

The second is knowing your target audience. You need to research who you’re trying to reach, because if not, how will you make your ads successful? You need to make sure you know attributes like: Where do they spend most of their time? How old are they? What sorts of behaviors do they have? Past purchase behaviors? Do they have a specific condition? It’s all about understanding these characteristics. And it’s really important to not only use what our clients tell us but to do our own due diligence and understand everything that makes the consumer who they are. 

The third tip is making sure you put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. At the end of the day, everybody who is targeted with these ads, we’re humans, we’re all the same people, right? We all have different interests, yes, but we need to make sure that the user flow makes sense. If you’re that person who’s viewing the ad, does it match with the landing page? Does it entice you to make you want to convert? Whether it’s to fill out a form, whether it’s to make a purchase, whatever it is, does it all make sense in the user flow?

And of course, at the end of the day, it also comes down to creative. Does the creative really connect with your emotions or ethos? Does it want to make you want to go a bit further down the funnel?

Finally, the fourth and last tip, which really is my favorite, is don’t be afraid to break the mold. We all follow our routines. Sometimes we might fall into templatized setups and things like that. But it’s really about testing the waters, making sure we’re including the right environments and devices that will make the campaign successful. At the end of the day, it’s crucial to always ensure we’re testing new things. 

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