Q&A With Senior Art Director Kristin Hawley

Last month, we launched our new creative studio Candor, a full service creative team that develops custom digital assets including video, rich media units, micro-sites, and display creative. 

As part of our month of creative, we sat down with Candor’s creative and strategy leads to get their unique perspectives on all things creative. First up in this two part series is the senior art director at Jun Group, Kristin Hawley. Kristin was influential in the launch of Candor, and talks about her design philosophy and how she defines successful creative. 

What is your creative and design philosophy?

I believe that being a designer is actually being a problem solver, and design is my way of solving problems. It’s all about coming up with smart and effective solutions for clients, and seeing is believing.

Why is creative important to a campaign? 

Creative sets the tone right from the onset of any campaign. Its impact is immediate and instantly creates a good first impression and connection. You only get that one chance, that one second to make a GOOD first impression. It’s important to get it right to set an impressive tone.

How do you define successful creative? 

Successful creative sticks with you. It’s a conversation starter, an inside joke, something that has a lasting impression. One of my favorite examples is a Spotify billboard that said “Dear person who played “Sorry” 42 times on Valentines Day, what did you do?”

How can brands use creative to foster long-term relationships with their consumers?

Brands can use creative to make a personal connection. It helps brands hone in on their audience, set a tone, communicate values, promote, and engage with their consumers across print and digital platforms.

Stay tuned for Part Two of our creative series where we sit down with our strategy lead for Candor, Jenny Patel.

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