Q&A With Kyle Conlon

When Kyle Conlon joined Jun Group as an Ad Ops Manager at the end of July, he had the distinction of being the first Jun Group team member to start remotely. We sat down with him to get his perspective on starting a job without ever stepping foot in the office. 

You started at Jun Group a little over a month ago. What do you think of Jun Group so far?

I honestly love it. The company has been incredibly welcoming and friendly so far. I have yet to experience a day where I wasn’t truthfully excited to log on and get to work.

What were your expectations for starting a job remotely?

I was initially worried about starting a new job without ever stepping foot in an office. The difference here is that I never get the feeling of being isolated or alone in my work with Jun Group. The culture here transcends the screen in such a way that makes working from home not just tolerable, but enjoyable for me. 

How would you describe Jun Group’s culture?

Collaborative, motivating, and most especially – transparent. I never feel left in the dark about where the company stands on certain issues and I appreciate how our CEO Corey isn’t afraid to keep up an open & honest dialogue with all employees via our Daily All Hands meetings. With the amount of uncertainty in the world right now, this kind of management style is invaluable in providing a sense of comfort and understanding for the company as a whole. 

How do you get the sense of community at Jun Group while working remotely?

The Daily All Hands meetings certainly help to foster a strong sense of community, but receiving a Jun Group “swag bag” in the mail certainly made me feel like I was part of the team even from afar.

Do you have any advice for someone starting a job remotely?

Invest in your (home) office space. Buy that fancy chair, put up those pretty lights around your computer, and get those comfy slippers ready. I believe that if you can make yourself excited to sit at your desk, work will become exponentially more enjoyable for you day-to-day. Oh, and buy yourself a good coffee machine. That is not to be overlooked!

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