Q&A With Candor Strategy Lead Jenny Patel

Last month, we launched our new creative studio Candor, a full service creative team that develops custom digital assets including video, rich media units, micro-sites, and display creative.

As part of our month of creative, we sat down with Candor’s strategy lead, Jenny Patel, to get her unique perspectives on all things design.

How do your design and strategy roles inform each other?

I like to think of design and strategy like a Venn diagram. Both have their own circle and where they overlap they create a perfect sweet spot! Each on their own is valuable, however, when they are presented together it creates a story for the brand and brings it to life.

Why is creativity important in sales strategy, and how does it drive ROI?

An ad is visual- if the visual creative does not showcase a clear message, consumers are less likely to engage with it. In order to drive ROI, the content has to both speak to the brand’s audience and have a good user experience. As consumers, we react based on visuals before we take any action. Creative informs the strategy and vice versa.

How do you match a customer’s business goals to unique media strategies?

At Jun Group we believe in presenting new ideas and visuals for all the brands we work with. We take into consideration all of their goals and blend it with our unique offerings to ensure we are going above and beyond expectations. Our custom suite of solutions offers a unique media strategy for any client’s business goals, from custom creative development to hyper targeting.

In a time of increasing online content, how do you keep the consumer’s attention? 

Consumers are becoming more conscious of how they consume media and what they decide to engage with. This helps us as a company because we put an emphasis on honing in on consumers who want to engage rather than relying on serving millions of impressions with the hopes to reach the right audience. Our custom targeting solutions combined with our creative offerings allow us to reach consumers that would truly benefit from the brands we work with. 

How do you craft stories over screens and creative?

When crafting a story, I like to stay true to the brand’s messaging and reach relevant consumers across screens. Taking the brand’s imagery, message, and their goals to blend it into one holistic strategy providing consumers with a seamless and engaging experience while also driving towards the brand’s goals.

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