Our platform is powered by data we collect directly from opt-in consumers. With your campaign goals in mind, we’ll identify the right placements to maximize success. We’ll pair our first-party data with video, display, rich media, value exchange, and more to ensure we’re reaching the right people with your message. Targeting powered by Schema.

Identify niche audiences 

Craft custom audience segments using first-party data collected directly from our SDK, which reaches 100MM people. We present custom polling questions to people in our platform to identify consumers for your specific campaign needs. View case study here.

Drive consumers to your locations

Whether it’s driving a customer to your location or helping patients find a doctor in their neighborhood, we know how to get the right customers to take action. We’ll optimize your campaigns with tangible results including sales lift, script lift, and foot traffic analysis. View case study here.

Increase sales lift

Quickly move your customers from consideration to purchase. From brick and mortar to e-commerce, we deliver unmatched sales lift by connecting custom audiences with proprietary access to retailer point-of-sale data. View case study here.

Build greater brand awareness

Broaden reach beyond your current customers using customized look-alike audiences. Plus, our creative rich media units build meaningful brand connections with your target audience that last long after your campaigns have run their course. View case study here.

Achieving your traffic and campaign goals requires a trusted partner. We will fulfill your video, display, podcast, programmatic or branded content campaigns with direct traffic to any page across devices using our qualified, opt-in audiences. Quickly acquire more users with our brand-safe, opt-in, and transparent solution.

Deliver turn-key scale to fulfill oversold campaigns 

Whether it’s video, slideshows, editorial placements, programmatic or homepage takeovers, we will drive consumers to your pages in an ROI-positive way. View case study here.

Pre-qualify a highly targeted, niche audience

We collect data directly from opt-in consumers to build custom audience segments that meet your campaign goals. Whether it’s consumers in the market for a new car, or individuals with a specific health condition, we will get you in front of the right audience. View case study here.

Achieve monthly and daily traffic goals

We’ll drive millions of qualified consumers directly to your site with our brand-safe and viewable solution. We help publishers achieve monthly-active user and marketing goals. View case study here.

Influencer campaigns look different at Jun Group. We tap into a pre-qualified network of influencers and consumers to guarantee brand impressions. Our relationship with Advantage solutions, which drives $80 billion in retail sales and has direct point-of-sale connections with top retailers, delivers actionable insights to your influencer campaigns.

Capture purchases within influencer content 

We poll our network to match your brand with a curated, pre-qualified list of influencers. Our custom content runs across all major social platforms and encourages purchase. We’ll guarantee that the right people see your content using first-party data collected directly from our SDK, which reaches 100MM people. View case study here.

Achieve one-on-one engagements with your brand 

Our influencers deliver authentic experiences and one-on-one engagement with your brand. We specialize in direct-to-consumer, retail, and CPG campaigns across top influencer categories including fitness, lifestyle, beauty, pet, and food. We’ll track all activity from impression to purchase, and deliver insights that will help you understand your customer better. View case study here.

Every successful shopper marketing program is a careful blend of trusted data, impactful creative, and shopping convenience. Because we’re part of Advantage Solutions, a company responsible for $80 billion in annual retail sales, we have access to unparalleled data and insights that bring exceptional results. Targeting powered by Schema.

Pinpoint an audience ready to buy

We combine opt-in, first-party data with purchase data from leading retailers to paint a clear picture of your customer. We even present customized questions to our network of 100MM people to highlight consumer preferences. View case study here.

Convert from interest to purchases with shoppable creative

Getting in front of the right audience is a great first step –– but it only matters if they actually make a purchase. Our custom shoppable ads allow customers to easily buy your product where, how, and when they want. Whether you’re looking to convert customers in store or online, our add-to-cart integrations from top retailers provide maximum impact. View case study here.