May is for the Powerful

May is for the Powerful

We identified 7 unique brand personalities that collectively make up Jun Group’s culture. We are dedicated, bold, truthful, powerful, passionate, creative, and authentic. Each month we explore a different brand identity. 

May is the month of powerful.

Powerful means tapping into an in-app audience of over 100MM users. Powerful means creating custom audiences using lookalike modeling. Powerful means running campaigns on every type of screen, from mobile to billboard. 

Jun Group is powerful in every way.

Our mission is powerful. In an industry built on interruption and elusion, we do advertising differently. Jun Group offers brands a simple, honest way to reach customers.

Our technology is powerful. Our platforms rely on 100% first-party data. We craft custom audiences by directly polling our in-app audience. We also utilize machine learning to optimize our campaigns as they run. 

Our people are powerful. Jun Group consists of the best and brightest in the industry. From our powerful tech team to our mighty sellers, our people aren’t afraid to take big swings with great ideas. 

Stay tuned this month for spotlights on everything that makes Jun powerful. #junispowerful

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