March is for the Creative

As part of Jun Group’s rebrand, each month we honor a different personality trait that makes us who we are. February was the month of bold. 

This March, we celebrate CREATIVE. 

Jun Group is CREATIVE. We don’t chase after new industry trends, we lead them.

Creative means doing more than just checking off your daily to-do list. Creative means innovatively solving problems from new, outside-the-box angles. Creative means compiling a niche mobile audience to deliver ads only to those who opt-in. 

Creativity is at the core of who we are. Because of that, here at Jun Group, we do advertising differently.

Our mission is creative. We’re interested in big-idea thinking. We’re not just looking for “clicks”, but producing long-term, action-oriented results. 

Our technology is creative. We prioritize first-party data and value exchange ads because they build a relationship of trust and transparency with our customers. We design immersive rich media and in-app videos that lead to unmatched results.

Our people are creative. Ahead-of-the-curve creativity drives all of our departments. Our tech team builds exclusive, innovative programs that seamlessly integrate our software development kit into mobile apps. Our strategy team designs cutting-edge creative and customized landing pages for mobile and desktop video ads. 

Stay tuned this month for spotlights on everything that makes Jun creative. #juniscreative