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As part of our month of dedicated, we highlighted three of our most dedicated Jun Groupers: Jason Wang from the account management team, Julie Bloom from the sales team, and Billy Murray from the strategy team.

What does being dedicated mean to you?

Jason Wang- To me, being dedicated means always striving to go above and beyond the “bare minimum” that you are expected to do. The entire account management team is dedicated to optimizing our clients’ campaigns and surpassing their expectations. 

Julie Bloom- I’m dedicated to Jun Group because I’m always looking out for our company as well as our clients. Our platform is a differentiator in a space that can oftentimes be cluttered. I build awareness of our offerings to our clients by providing a consultative mindset. I believe in our products and capabilities, such as our custom audience builder, Schema. Products like that make being dedicated easy. 

Billy Murray- Dedication means seeing a project or task through from beginning to end no matter how impossible it seems, from designing dynamic rich media units to building custom strategies and plans. It means taking the initiative to learn and do more than your job description requires, as well as working tirelessly to make improvements that help your team and business succeed. 

How do you bring a dedicated mindset to your work?

Jason Wang- I always put myself in the mindset that the work I do is as much for me as it is for our clients. The reason I’m working hard to make sure a campaign performs well and delivers in full isn’t just because that’s what our clients expect– I’m also doing it to meet my own standards and to potentially exceed them. Doing a great job to satisfy your own goals can be just as important as doing something for others!

Julie Bloom- I like what I do, so being dedicated comes naturally. I enjoy this business, my colleagues and our clients, so dedication is par for the course. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have great results to report back to our clients– after all, Jun Group’s viewability and bumps in sales lift consistently outperform industry standards. It definitely makes the job more enjoyable! 

Billy Murray- I’m obsessed with discovering new technologies, capabilities, and strategies that drive meaningful results for our clients. I’m genuinely passionate about Jun Group’s ethos of bringing truth to advertising and the work we do, so much so that I will always gladly be there to support my team.