Jun Group, a mobile advertising platform that delivers full-screen video, display and rich media campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers, has launched its new custom audience targeting solution, Schema. The platform is powered exclusively by first-party data collected by its proprietary software development kit (SDK).

Every Jun Group mobile advertising campaign is powered by a custom audience segment called a “schema.” Each schema is created by collecting data directly from consumers through an opt-in, polling technology. “In a time when consumers and brands value transparency about data collection practices, this is a huge leap forward for mobile campaign targeting,” according to Jun Group CEO Corey Weiner.

“The beauty of our schemas is the data is 100% first-party and consent-based,” Weiner said. “This means that every consumer reached has opted in to see your message, ensuring the best results for every campaign.”

Schema gives Jun Group the ability to ask their in-app audience questions such as “Are you a dog owner?” or “Are you looking to buy a car?” Jun Group uses the responses to craft an audience profile to reach consumers across any screen without the use of third-party data.

“Schema provides us with a data goldmine that enables us to identify attributes to build rich feature sets,” added Senior Product Manager Bhagyasri Canumalla. “This positions our machine-learning models to make intelligent decisions about audiences, eliminating the guesswork involved around optimizing campaigns.”

Imagine advertising only to people who say they’re interested. Jun Group does this at scale, crafting custom audiences using first-party data collected directly from its SDK, which reaches millions of people. Jun Group delivers full-screen video, display and rich media campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers and drives millions of opt-in page views for leading publishers. Jun Group is powered by its machine-learning optimization tool, Vera; its custom audience targeting platform, Schema; and its in-house creative studio, Candor. Across brand, shopper, publisher and influencer marketing, Jun Group drives tangible action that is viewable, brand-safe and transparent.

Based in New York City, Jun Group is a division of Advantage Solutions, a leading provider of technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions. Jun Group is a certified 2020 Great Place to Work. Visit jungroup.com or follow on Twitter @jungroup or on Linkedin.

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