Jun Group: A Celebration of a Culture Constantly Changing

Everything looks different at Jun Group now. Not in a bad way– two weeks ago Jun Group unveiled a company-wide rebrand. Everything from our email signatures and office decor to our website and logo (and the blog you’re reading now) were updated to reflect our new brand. The major inspiration? Our award-winning company culture. 

My personal favorite piece of the rebrand is our living art installation: a large wall featuring our logo made entirely of Lego® bricks. At our launch event, we gave each team member a Lego® brick with their name on it and asked them to add their names to the wall. Each new hire will also receive a Lego® brick with their name on their first day. This living art installation is constantly changing and growing as we celebrate each new addition to the team. 

Even with a strong culture, team dynamics are constantly changing. A Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with weak company culture is 48% whereas the probability of job turnover with strong company culture is a mere 14% percent. With a strong culture and good team dynamics, we had an opportunity to highlight that with this piece of art. 

Step five feet back and the mass of red Lego® bricks creates a crisp version of JG’s logo. But come in close to the sculpture, and you can see the individual pieces that make up Jun Group– our team. 

The same goes for our company. 

Taken in full view, we are a sophisticated platform delivering full-screen video and display campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers and driving millions of opt-in page views for leading publishers. What makes us great is when you look closer at the individual teams and people.  At Jun Group, we are all a team. And we’re all on the same team. The Lego® bricks are a nice visualization of something already inherent to Jun Group’s culture.

At JG everything starts with our people. This living art installation is a physical reminder of that. We believe our newest hire is as much a part of Jun Group as our CEO. Today, we welcomed five new team members to the New York office. I’m excited to watch our Lego® brick logo change and grow with each addition to the team.