Global Talent: How One of Jun Group’s Newest Members Got Invited to Serbia

After completing her second week at Jun Group, Recruiting Coordinator Gaby Cortes stepped on a plane at Newark Airport. Twenty-four hours later, she set foot in Belgrade, Serbia to speak in front of an audience of established professors and Ph.D. students. At age 21, Gaby was invited to travel across the globe to present on a panel at the Joint International Conference for the Central and Eastern European International Studies Association.

Gaby joined the JG family just after graduating from Loyola University Maryland. During her time in school, Gaby majored in global studies with a minor in business. She submitted a class paper to the conference back in Fall 2018, never expecting to be chosen to present.

“I was on a panel with four other people and I was a little intimidated because all of these people either have PhDs or they’re PhDs students,” Gaby said. “They were really great, though, and they gave me great feedback.”

The paper Gaby wrote was on NATO and its shift from collective defense to humanitarian intervention, as seen with the violent events in the Balkans during the 1990s. Her research fit the conference theme: international relations in the age of anxiety.

Gaby’s favorite part of the experience was exploring Belgrade and meeting the people of Serbia, whom she found to be welcoming.

“It was really cool getting first-hand accounts, [which are] usually our primary sources in history,” Gaby said. “Hearing people talk about their experiences during the war—this person was there when this happened and this was their experience—that was something I’ll never forget.”

Gaby is using her background in global studies and this experience to continue recruiting outstanding and diverse people for Jun Group. We are proud of what Gaby has accomplished and know she will continue to make Jun Group a special company!