February is For the Bold

Our rebrand last month went beyond changing our logo – we identified 7 unique brand personalities that collectively make up Jun Group’s culture. We are dedicated, bold, truthful, powerful, passionate, creative, and authentic. For the rest of 2020, each month we will explore a different brand personality.

February is the month of BOLD.

Bold means introducing yourself to the CEO the first day on the job. Bold means never having fear when proposing a big idea to the client. Bold means separating yourself from the pack by offering simple, transparent solutions that deliver tangible results.

Jun Group is bold in every way.

Our mission is bold. In an industry built on interruption and elusion, we do advertising differently. Jun Group offers brands a simple, honest way to reach customers.

Our technology is bold. Our platforms are built on consent-based, first-party data. We craft custom audiences by directly polling our in-app audience.

Our people are bold. Jun Group consists of the best and brightest in the industry. From our reliable QA team to our daring graphic designers, our people aren’t afraid to take big swings with great ideas. 

Stay tuned this month for spotlights on everything that makes Jun bold. #junisbold