New York, NY – Jun Group, a New-York based mobile advertising platform that delivers full-screen video, display, and rich media campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers, has opened a new internal creative studio, Candor

Named with a nod to the company’s dedication to truth and transparency, Candor will produce custom digital assets, including videos, rich media units, microsites, and display creative. By partnering with Candor, customers receive creative content tailored to the most relevant media channels, deepening relationships with the target audience and driving stronger results. 

Candor combines Jun Group’s expertise running mobile-first campaigns with a highly skilled, in-house creative team, making the studio an exciting addition to Jun Group’s portfolio of products and services. 

“At a time when brands are looking to streamline their marketing, media, and creative resources, this is a natural progression for the company,” says Jun Group CEO Corey Weiner. 

“Matching the right consumers with the right media channels is just the first step,” says Weiner. “Candor creates a one-stop shop for our customers to layer creative expertise on top of their omni-channel media strategies.” 

Candor includes a team of experienced designers and media strategists under the leadership of Vice President of Media Strategy Caitie McCune and Vice President of Marketing Jenny Fahlbush. Candor will further enhance the experience for Jun Group customers, delivering the right creative across unique ad units on mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected TV.  

“Engaging creative is the best tool brands have to break through the clutter,” added Jun Group Vice President of Marketing Jenny Fahlbush. “It’s an integral part of any campaign, and the creative talent at Candor will drive even stronger campaign performance for our customers.”



Imagine advertising only to people who say they’re interested. Jun Group does this at scale, crafting custom audiences using first-party data collected directly from its SDK which reaches millions of people. Jun Group delivers full-screen video, display and rich media campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers and drives millions of opt-in page views for leading publishers. Jun Group is powered by its machine-learning optimization tool, Vera; its custom audience targeting platform, Schema; and its in-house creative studio, Candor. Across brand, shopper, publisher, and influencer marketing, Jun Group drives tangible action that is viewable, brand-safe, and transparent. 

The company is based in New York, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston. Jun Group is a division of Advantage Solutions, a leading provider of technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions. Recently, Jun Group was certified as a 2020 Great Place to Work. Visit  jungroup.com or follow on Twitter @jungroup or on Linkedin.


Jenny Fahlbush, VP, Marketing
Jun Group


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