February 19, 2020 in Blog

Jun Group: Bold from the Beginning

For years, companies have obsessed over the idea of “customer-centric marketing.” Over the last decade, we’ve seen it all– companies merging their customer service...
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February 6, 2020 in Blog

February is for the Bold

Our rebrand last month went beyond changing our logo – we identified 7 unique brand personalities that collectively make up Jun Group’s culture.
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January 27, 2020 in Blog

Jun Group: A Celebration of a Culture Constantly Changing

Everything looks different at Jun Group now. Not in a bad way– two weeks ago Jun Group unveiled a company-wide rebrand.
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January 17, 2020 in Blog

Top Ways to Increase Ad ROI in 2020

As this new year is set in motion, there are a lot of options to weigh and decisions to make when considering where to run your advertising. With technology constantly…
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January 2, 2020 in Blog

Corey Weiner’s 2020 Predictions

This 2019 hunch will become a 2020 fact: consumers respond better to rich media ads. Interactive rich media ads have already shown higher engagement rates and longer time spent on…
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December 18, 2019 in Blog

The Value of Value Exchange: 3 Reasons Brands Need to Use Mobile Value Exchange Advertising

71% of US mobile app users report that value exchange ads capture their attention more than other types of advertising, according to research by eMarketer and Jun Group. The IAB defines value exchange as…
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December 2, 2019 in Blog

It’s the most digital time of the year: Why you should spread your Q4 ad spend evenly

Emarketer forecasts that total US retail sales will climb 3.8% to $1.008 trillion during the 2019 holiday season, making it the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season, while US retail ecommerce spending will rise…
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November 14, 2019 in Blog

Forget the Likes, Focus on Loyalty in Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is currently the #1 ranked digital platform for building consumer brand loyalty. Are you tapping into this pool of potential, brand-loyal consumers?
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November 7, 2019 in Blog

Forget ‘Who’s on First’– “When” is More Important: the Power of Context over Content

If you tuned into the World Series between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros, you saw more advocacy and corporate social responsibility ads than any other type of ad,…
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October 30, 2019 in Blog

Jun Means Truth: Why Values Make Good Business

Basic economics will tell you that price often has the final say with consumers. Torn between two choices? The less expensive option will win. But that was before consumers saw…
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October 4, 2019 in Blog

A Culture Worth Working For

When I interviewed at Jun Group for the first time, towards the end of the interview, I asked, “What’s the culture like here?” I’m not sure what I expected to…
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October 4, 2019 in Blog

Sink or Swim: The Key to Navigating the Brand Safety Waters

A recent Harris and DoubleVerify poll of over 2,000 people found that two-thirds would likely stop using a brand if they saw an ad for that company run alongside ‘false,…
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September 26, 2019 in Blog

Move over Picasso, Anyone Can Be Creative Today

Anyone with a smartphone can access a world of creative opportunities today. We have computers in our pockets and at our desks that allow us to create content that engages…
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September 19, 2019 in Blog

The Cookie Policy Crumbles: The Friction Between Privacy and Personalization

In May, Google promised to let users limit cookies. A few weeks ago, Google said in a blog post that they are not opening up the chance for users to control how…
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September 12, 2019 in Blog

Do you know the real difference between Twitter and Instagram?

Social media has become a daily part of most American’s lives, yet not all platforms are created equal. Each has its strengths, and for businesses, some are more fitting than…
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August 27, 2019 in Blog

What’s the price on your head?

Google makes $256 off your personal data and Amazon makes even more. You are worth a lot of money to big tech companies. Your personal data determines the ads you see,…
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August 22, 2019 in Blog

David vs. Goliath: How To Compete With Ad Tech Giants

Emarketer reports that in 2019 worldwide digital ad spending will rise by 17.6% to $333.25 billion. The triopoly of Facebook, Google, and Amazon will eat up more than 60% of that market. Facebook takes…
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August 15, 2019 in Blog

2019 M&A is MIA

Emarketer forecasts that total US retail sales will climb 3.8% to $1.008 trillion during the 2019 holiday season, making it the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season, while US retail ecommerce spending will rise…
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August 1, 2019 in Blog

Gamers are not who you think – you might even be one

Cell phones and mobile gaming have gone together since the days of Blackberries and Brickbreaker. As an industry today, mobile gaming is much bigger than you think. According to a 2018…
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July 25, 2019 in Blog

You now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish

Good morning, How are you doing? Are you having a leisurely LinkedIn scroll this morning? Kids okay? The dog? If you’ve stuck with me this long, congrats. You’ve outlasted the average…
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July 18, 2019 in Blog

Political Party: Why Digital Advertising Will Be a Deciding Factor in this Election– and It’s Not About Spend

2020 presidential candidates are spending more on digital ads than in any previous election. The video ad market for politics is expected to grow by $2 billion between 2018 and…
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June 27, 2019 in Blog

Global Talent: How One of Jun Group’s Newest Members Got Invited to Serbia

After completing her second week at Jun Group, Recruiting Coordinator Gaby Cortes stepped on a plane at Newark Airport. Twenty-four hours later, she set foot in Belgrade, Serbia to speak…
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June 19, 2019 in Blog

I just can’t quit you, Facebook

Open phone. Check Facebook. Check email. Read article about newest Facebook privacy scandal. Pause. Check Facebook. People can’t stand the way social media companies treat their online privacy. Yet people…
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