Jun Group, a mobile-first ad platform company, recently unveiled the company’s first rebrand since its establishment. The rebrand was built on the foundation of their award-winning culture, transforming all assets across print and digital including a full logo redesign, a corporate video, and new product branding.

Jun means truth. The world’s top advertisers trust Jun Group because everything they do is brand-safe, honest, and 100% transparent. Jun delivers brand, shopper, influencer, and publisher campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers. Jun Group crafts custom audience segments using first-party data collected directly from their SDK, which reaches 100MM people.

“The rebrand represents Jun Group’s continuous drive to create digital media that delivers tangible ROI — moving beyond impressions and click-through rates to actionable results,” said Jun Group CEO Corey Weiner. “I have never been more excited about the next chapter in our story. Our incredible team is what makes Jun Group such a special place.”

For the launch, the company united all employees in its Manhattan headquarters, including those from its Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago offices. The day featured many surprises, including the unveiling of the new logo and a living art installation to celebrate each member of the team. All new hires receive a lego on their first day to add to the art wall, with the installation constantly growing and changing as the team does.

With this rebrand, the company is launching three new products: Jun Group’s machine-learning optimization tool, Vera; a custom audience targeting tool, Schema; and its in-house creative studio, Candor.

  • Vera: Inspired by the latin word for Truth, Vera is a new tool developed by Jun Group’s technology team that uses machine learning to optimize ad campaigns in real-time and deliver actionable results. Vera will enhance Jun Group’s unmatched store-specific sales lift, ROAS, and viewability that consistently outperform industry standards.


  • Schema: Jun Group’s targeting capabilities are powered by producing custom audience segments, or “schemas,” for each campaign. Jun Group’s Schema technology is a targeting solution powered by first-party data and opt-in polling responses. Schema crafts a niche audience to reach consumers across screens and optimizes conversions to maximize results.


  • Candor, a creative studio @Jun Group: Candor is a nod to Jun Group’s commitment to truth and honesty, plus the creative talent from the in-house design studio. From full-screen video to rich media, the Candor team creates custom designs for Jun Group’s customers that delivers unmatched engagement and actions.

“This rebrand builds on our foundation: Jun means truth. We kept the company’s mission of ‘truth’ and its supportive culture at the core of our rebranding, working from the inside out,” said Jun Group Vice President of Marketing Jenny Fahlbush. “We are excited to share our new visual language in the year ahead — and beyond.”

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