A Culture Worth Working For

When I interviewed at Jun Group for the first time, towards the end of the interview, I asked, “What’s the culture like here?”

I’m not sure what I expected to get in response. Maybe the usual culture cliches– “everyone here is family,” “it’s professional yet friendly,” “everyone maintains an open door policy.” Instead, the CEO looked me in the eye and said, “our culture is honest.”

Honest? How can a culture be honest? I thought office culture only existed through a monthly calendar of happy hours and team building workshops. What does honesty have to do with that?

It didn’t take long to see what he meant by an honest culture. It means you tell the truth. Even when you may have bad news or need to share something that doesn’t benefit you, you tell the truth. You tell the truth no matter what. And boy is it refreshing.

That means we tell the truth internally, with each other. The other day I presented an updated onboarding deck to a coworker. We were toying around with the order of the slides– it wasn’t quite flowing. Then she said, “I think we’re going to have to start from scratch here.” She was right. No one’s toes were stepped on and no egos were harmed because it’s understood that honesty comes before all else.

This honest culture permeates through all our departments and allows us to have more meaningful relationships with our clients. When something goes awry, we always have a solution ready. Our clients know they can trust us because we always tell the truth.

I’m a few years out of college now, and I’ve noticed some peers start to hop around between companies. An honest culture helps mitigate turnover by reinvesting in the very people that made it so successful in the first place.

As Jun Group grows, our culture of truth stays the same. Our COO recently celebrated his 5th work anniversary. He said the company has doubled in size at least twice, yet he still recognizes the honesty inherent in what it means to work at Jun Group. Each individual contributes to maintain the culture. That’s what’s happening at Jun Group, and honestly, that’s why I won’t be leaving any time soon.