Top Ways to Increase Ad ROI in 2020

As this new year is set in motion, there are a lot of options to weigh and decisions to make when considering where to run your advertising. With technology constantly changing, how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of your ad dollars? Here’s what to look for right now to maximize your ROI when making your advertising decisions. 

Machine learning is the future

The term machine learning or artificial intelligence can bring up some uneasiness. Machine learning is already helping daily life in a variety of areas and is something to embrace, not fear. From Netflix recommendations to Siri technology and email autofill, machine learning makes life easier and more efficient. The same is true in advertising. With the development of machine learning, advertisers can better reach their ideal target audience, from recent grads to retired grandparents to teenagers or anyone in between, making their brand message more impactful. Advertising is growing in its ability to optimize data in real-time, continuing to push advertising to be more effective.

Mobile casual games are where to run

Mobile advertising is the way to go given the 145MM+ mobile gaming users who can be reached through this medium. With every demographic in the US represented among mobile casual gamers, advertisers are catching onto the fact that mobile casual games are the place to be. With mobile casual games, advertisers can reach broad or niche audience segments at a place where they are receptive to rewarded content.

Target using first-party data

With CCPA now in full effect and other state data privacy laws enacted or on the horizon, companies need to prioritize data protection so that consumers can trust a brand’s advertising methods. Developing first-party data for ad targeting is the best tactic in 2020. Using surveys to get data directly from consumers means fostering trust between potential customers and a company. This will translate to stronger brand loyalty and ultimately higher sales. 

Prioritize consent-based methods

To build on implementing data privacy protection, combining first-party data with consent-based advertising is a recipe for success. Letting consumers opt-in to seeing an ad through value exchange means they are consenting to the process of seeing an ad in exchange for a reward. Consumers appreciate this method of advertising because they are being reached on their own terms, making them more receptive to ads and helping your bottom line.

Use in-app CTAs for shopper campaigns

With mobile now at the forefront, more advertising is shifting to an in-app experience. Ads can reach consumers at the right place, at the right time, and in the right app’s cart. A brand ad can easily shift to their app on the consumer’s phone (and if not, to the app store to download it). The shopping experience can be seamless, allowing users to hit that check-out button without ever leaving the brand’s app. Customers feel at ease with the in-app experience, which is why it will continue to become more integrated with mobile advertising.

With so many advertising options in 2020, there’s a lot to consider. From machine learning to first-party targeting to in-app technology, Jun Group has you covered to make sure you’re getting the most out of your advertising. Jun Group produces ROI that is unmatched in the industry through its advanced advertising technology. Check out our Advertise page to learn more!

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