Move Over Picasso, Anyone Can Be Creative Today

Anyone with a smartphone can access a world of creative opportunities today. We have computers in our pockets and at our desks that allow us to create content that engages with an audience on unprecedented scope. More than 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Over 100 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram each day. […]

The Cookie Policy Crumbles: The Friction Between Privacy and Personalization

In May, Google promised to let users limit cookies.  A few weeks ago, Google said in a blog post that they are not opening up the chance for users to control how cookies are collected as fully as previously expected. Which one is it? Are they making a reasonable effort to increase consumers’ control over their […]

Do You Know the Real Difference Between Twitter and Instagram

Social media has become a daily part of most American’s lives, yet not all platforms are created equal. Each has its strengths, and for businesses, some are more fitting than others. How people use Twitter is vastly different from how they use Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Are you using the right platforms for your […]