What’s the Price on Your Head

Google makes $256 off your personal data and Amazon makes even more.   You are worth a lot of money to big tech companies. Your personal data determines the ads you see, and it helps bring in billions of dollars to digital advertising—advertising that is significantly more valuable when the right person is watching. Average Revenue […]

David vs. Goliath: How to Compete with Ad Tech Giants

Emarketer reports that in 2019 worldwide digital ad spending will rise by 17.6% to $333.25 billion. The triopoly of Facebook, Google, and Amazon will eat up more than 60% of that market. Facebook takes the silver medal with 19.5% of worldwide ad spending, while Google adds another gold to its collection with 31.1% of worldwide ad spending. The tech giants still rule supreme, […]

2019 M&A is MIA

A new analysis by COMvergence shows that the pace of M&A deals by holding companies and consultancies in the first half of the year has greatly slowed. Just 24 deals had been closed versus 30 in H1 2018, 42 in H1 2017, and 75 in H1 2016. That’s a 69% drop between 2019 and three years ago. What happened? Just a few years […]

Gamers Are Not Who You Think – You Might Even Be One

Cell phones and mobile gaming have gone together since the days of Blackberries and Brickbreaker. As an industry today, mobile gaming is much bigger than you think. According to a 2018 Electronic Entertainment Design and Research study, 67% of Americans play video games on at least one platform, with 90% of those 211.2 million people citing mobile as […]